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Renaissance Festivals Around the World: A Travel Guide for Music Enthusiasts


Take a musical adventure through captivating Renaissance festivals. This guide shines a spotlight on three festivals – Arizona, Colorado, and Kansas City – showcasing their special musical moments and featuring the contribution of Ginger’s handcrafted flutes

Arizona Renaissance Festival

The Arizona Renaissance Festival near Apache Junction is a lively celebration of mediaeval culture with jousting knights, jesters, and vibrant music – a dream for enthusiasts. Ginger’s flutes harmonise perfectly with the festival’s atmosphere, creating an authentic mediaeval soundtrack. This event is an ideal chance to enjoy Shakuhachi’s deep, rich tones or the lively tunes from her Side Blown Bamboo Flutes.

Colorado Renaissance Festival

Situated in the Rockies in Larkspur, the Colorado Renaissance Festival is a beautiful event. It combines Colorado’s natural beauty and mediaeval charm, featuring various music. Ginger’s flutes, especially the Traveler’s Saxophone, add a unique touch to the festival’s musical tapestry. This festival is an ideal place to witness how her handcrafted instruments can adapt to various musical styles, from traditional Celtic tunes to more contemporary pieces.

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Bonner Springs hosts the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, bringing the Renaissance spirit to the heart of America. The festival’s music, filled with heritage, perfectly complements the authentic sounds of Ginger’s flutes. Whether the Earth Flute’s natural tones or the Fairy Pipes’ historical echoes, her instruments enrich the festival’s musical landscape, resonating with performers and visitors alike.

Playability and Comfort

Comfort and ease of playing are crucial. The size and design of each flute type at The Bard’s Musik Shoppe cater to different skill levels and hand sizes. For instance, the Earth Flute is beginner-friendly, while the Shakuhachi might require more advanced techniques. Consider how the flute feels in your hands and the ease with which you can produce sound.


Every festival provides a unique peek into the Renaissance era, enhanced by the lovely sounds of Ginger’s handcrafted flutes. For music lovers and those passionate about the Renaissance, these festivals aren’t just gatherings; they are moments enriched by the enduring beauty of music and tradition.


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