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About Our People

Personalities that make up the Bamboo flute

A Little Bit About Rod & Ginger

Rod was the originator of the company and was the chief designer as well as full time instrument maker. His amazing artistic skills to design and build these wonderful instruments were without equal.

Rod got his Wings in July 2015. He is now flying with the best and making music with the Greatest.

Ginger is continuing the making of the instruments in Rod’s footsteps.

“I was raised in Boston and Cape Cod. I never thought of myself as particularly artsy. Years later in Denver Colorado I met Rod and he convinced me to delve into the arts and craft business. He was very convincing. I was sure I didn’t have an artsy bone in my body.

He taught me how to do acid etchings on glass and crystal. He was learning how to make and tune bamboo flutes. Together we created a small company and started doing craft fairs, we called ourselves Bamboo and Glass Works. Seven years later we reinvented the company to just be musical instruments. It was a leap of Faith. But this way we could branch out into other ethnic instruments.

Ours was a great partnership. Rod and I both worked on the decorating of the bamboo. He did the final tuning and I did the final work on the Saxophone he invented.

My joy though comes from the interaction with people and teaching I do at our booths at Renaissance Festivals. The joy in a person’s eyes when I’m able to teach them how to blow a flute or saxophone is amazing and very satisfying.”

A Little Bit About Josh

I have been exploring the world of art and science for a good majority of my life. From writing, drawing and jewelry making to food science and music, I have always been immersed in creativity and finding new and interesting ways to stimulate the senses and have fun while doing it.

Music has always been a major passion and driving force in my life ever since I was young. I was blessed with incredible programs and directors throughout my time in school. From choir and band to musical theatre, I took it all in and let it fill my world and the world of others.

Since joining the Bard’s Music Shoppe family in 2019 I have had the opportunity to learn how to make some incredible instruments and gain a greater understanding of the physics that make it all work, and to experience the joy of sharing that knowledge and music with others once again.

A Little Bit About Stetson's

I’m 23 years old and a fresh face on circuit, getting to live out my dreams of traveling the world! I honestly stumbled into this position here, not knowing how to play any of the instruments when I started. I played the Trombone and the Tuba in high school, but until I started working here in Colorado of 2022, music had not been part of my life for a while.

What an amazing change that has been! The passion my boss and coworker have for our art is truly inspiring. And the things I’ve learned in just a few months have me very excited for the future. I’ve learned to play all the instruments in our shop. I decorate flutes, make small stock such as the whistles and shakers, and have learned the whole process of making our trademark Saxophones!

And what fulfilling work it’s been. Not to mention all the beautiful people that I’ve met, and all the beautiful places I’ve got to see already in the short year that I’ve been on the road. It’s been quite the adventure so far, and I’m only getting started.

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Handmade instruments


Each instrument on display carries a legacy, a story whispered from generation to generation.
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Join us in the enchanting world of Renaissance festivals nationwide. Experience the convergence of history, music, and artistry.
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These tutorials open the gateway to deepen your musical craft.
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Handmade instruments

Our Products

Handmade instruments


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