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Travelers Saxophone


Looking to buy a saxophone? Our practically indestructible Travelers Saxophone for sale encourages you to make music wherever your adventures take you: a deserted beach, an alpine mountain top, or your backyard. The Travelers Saxophone is a very durable one-piece instrument. Created for the backpack, it is ideal for camping and hiking. It comes tuned to the key of G and includes a songbook with fingering charts. If you’re in the market for a saxophone for sale, this one is worth considering. It also has a cloth case, a hard cap, and a beginner’s reed.



If you’re looking for the best saxophone, consider the Travelers Saxophone it is VERY sturdy. I made it to go camping and outdoors. The Travelers Saxophone is lightweight and comes with a cloth bag, an alto mouthpiece, a cap, and one Rico reed. The construction is very rugged. A sturdy plastic tube is laminated with a high-quality hardwood veneer. A standard Alto mouthpiece is mounted to this tube in such a way that it can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. Using fingering very much like a recorder, a two-octave chromatic range is possible. I wrote a Beginner’s Book for the saxophone that is also included. This book and the video below will teach you how to blow the reed. The Travelers Saxophone is in the key of G and plays well with guitar. The instrument is 18″ long and fits easily in most backpacks. The Walnut wood comes from Missouri and is a rich chocolate brown.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Travelers Saxophone is unique due to its small, compact design, portability, extreme durability, lifetime guarantee, and the distinct quality of producing a bass sound, setting it apart from traditional saxophones.

The instrument is 18 inches long and is crafted from Walnut wood, which is a rich chocolate brown. This saxophone is designed to easily fit into most backpacks, making it a practical choice for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

The Travelers Saxophone is beginner-friendly and includes a booklet and tutorial video on the website for easy learning, requiring no prior musical experience.

Yes, Travelers Saxophone is highly durable and suitable for outdoor activities like camping and hiking, as it is designed to be practically indestructible and comes with a cloth bag for easy portability.

The Travelers Saxophone is exclusively tuned to the key of G and does not offer other key options, but it harmonizes well with guitars and string instruments.


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Travelers Saxophone