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What we do

Handmade instruments


Bamboo flutes & instruments on display carry a legacy, a story whispered from generation to generation.
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Join us in the enchanting world of Renaissance festivals nationwide and experience the convergence of history, music, and artistry.
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These tutorials open the gateway to deepen your musical craft.
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Hand crafted works of Art & Music

My late husband and I have been making musical instruments and bamboo flutes for over 40 years. Our passion is creating music combined with the ability to express our artistic side, and this makes us very happy in our work. Our bamboo flutes, travelers saxophones, fairy pipes, and shakuhachis are created by us in our workshops and at Renaissance Festivals around the country.

When we are at the Arizona, Colorado or Kansas City Renaissance festivals, we will

teach you how to play our instruments. Teaching is a very important part of who we are. We make these instrument to take on the GO. To go camping or traveling or just sitting out in the backyard. If you are ordering on-line, I have put the instruction

booklet on our page, and I have YouTube videos teaching you how to play the flutes

and saxophone.

The wood burning on our regular flutes is done with a very hot torch. This design work is unique to our business.

Thank you for visiting us… Ginger Baird

Hand Crafted Musical Instruments

Our Products

Handmade instruments

Meet Our Team

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Our Festivals

We sell our instruments on weekends (and Monday holidays) at Renaissance Festivals throughout the country. Please come and see us at the Bard’s Musik Shoppe booth and enjoy the festivities!

Arizona Renaissance Festival

February - March

Colorado Renaissance Festival

June - August

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

September - October


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