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A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Handmade Flute


Discovering the proper handmade flute for your musical journey is an adventure. At The
Bard’s Musik Shoppe, various flutes crafted with passion and skill await you. This guide will
focus on helping you select a flute that resonates with your music and spirit.

The Diversity of Flutes at The Bard's Musik Shoppe

Explore our shop with various special flutes, each with its unique character. If you’re intotraditional Japanese music or want a spiritual connection with your instrument, consider theShakuhachi with its deep, meditative sound. It’s a perfect choice to enhance your musical experience. The Fairy Pipes, also known as Aulos, bring the magic of ancient Greece and its
double-piped tunes. Discover our Side Blown Bamboo Flutes – they’re versatile and perfect for various music styles. If you’re starting or love a natural sound, the Earth Flute is an excellent choice with its simple and earthy tone. And for saxophonists on the go, check out the Traveler’s Saxophone – a unique and portable alternative for a distinctive sound.

Material and Craftsmanship

Each flute’s material at The Bard’s Musik Shoppe is carefully chosen for its acoustic properties. The bamboo gives a warm and rich sound to our Side Blown Bamboo Flutes and Shakuhachi. Meanwhile, Fairy Pipes and Earth Flutes use different materials, each offering unique tones. Every flute is crafted carefully, ensuring durability, aesthetic appeal, and high-quality sound. When picking a flute, consider how the material influences the sound,weight, and overall feel of the instrument.

Considering Your Musical Style

Your musical preference plays a vital role in selecting the proper flute. If you are drawn to Asian musical traditions, the Shakuhachi offers a profound and resonating sound. The Fairy Pipes are an ideal choice for those interested in European mediaeval or Renaissance music. The Side Blown Bamboo Flutes are versatile and work well with many different types of music. Think about the music you enjoy playing, and choose a flute that goes best with those melodies. Your flute choice can make your music even more enjoyable!

Playability and Comfort

Comfort and ease of playing are crucial. The size and design of each flute type at The Bard’s Musik Shoppe cater to different skill levels and hand sizes. For instance, the Earth Flute is beginner-friendly, while the Shakuhachi might require more advanced techniques. Consider how the flute feels in your hands and the ease with which you can produce sound.

Sound Quality and Personal Preference

Each flute type offers a distinct sound. The Shakuhachi is known for its deep, resonant tones, ideal for reflective and meditative music. The Fairy Pipes produce a unique, ancient sound, perfect for historical music enthusiasts. The Side Blown Bamboo Flutes are versatile with a classic flute sound. The Earth Flute has a more superficial, more natural tone. Listen to sample sounds if possible, and choose based on the sound quality that appeals most to you.


Selecting a handmade flute from The Bard’s Musik Shoppe is a personal journey. When choosing a flute, consider your favourite music, the flute’s material and craftsmanship, and your comfort level. Opt for a flute that aligns with the sound you adore, ensuring a choice that suits your musical taste and playing comfort. 

For further details on each type of flute, visit The Bard’s Musik Shoppe.


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