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Ginger Baird’s “The Bard’s Musik Shoppe” Brings Unique Bamboo Flutes to Bisbee, Arizona


isbee, AZ – The Bard’s Musik Shoppe, a locally owned bamboo flute maker, continues to capture the attention of local media with their unique handcrafted flutes. Recently featured on Bisbee’s Herald Vista, owner Ginger Baird showcased her passion for crafting high-quality bamboo flutes inspired by Native American and Celtic designs.

Using bamboo sourced from sustainable forests in China and Vietnam, Baird handcrafts each flute to create a variety of tones and sounds perfect for any level of musician. Her flutes have been featured at special events and cultural gatherings across southern Arizona, where people have praised their beautiful sound and craftsmanship.

“Bamboo flutes have such a rich history throughout various cultures, and I’m always learning new techniques to improve my craft,” said Ginger. “My goal is to make high-quality, affordable flutes accessible to everyone while honoring the deep traditions these instruments come from.”

Baird first learned flute-making from a Cherokee elder over 15 years ago. She has since studied with master flute makers worldwide to refine her skills. Her flutes are made without the use of power tools or machinery – each part is hand-carved and tuned to create a unique sound.

The Bard’s Musik Shoppe’s flutes have gained the attention of musicians, collectors, and cultural institutions across the state. Public members can experience the shop and see Baird’s flute-making process in person.

About The Bard's Musik Shoppe:

The Bard’s Musik Shoppe is a locally owned artisan flute workshop in Bisbee, Arizona. Owner Ginger Baird handcrafts bamboo flutes using sustainable materials and techniques inspired by Native American and Celtic flute designs. The Bard’s Musik Shoppe is dedicated to making high-quality, culturally inspired flutes accessible to all. For more information, visit


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